HTML Editor: Overview

HTML Editor Overview
The HTML Editor functions like most popular word processor programs. It uses icons that will be familiar to anyone that uses such programs. However there are some that may be unfamiliar or that are specific to the Moodle HTML Editor.

Sets the language of the text.

Clean Up Word HTML
If you save a MS Word document as an HTML website you can take the code, copy it and paste it into the Moodle HTML Editor. Then click on this button and it will get rid of any extraneous code that's been added to control the format of your document. However if you've already got your document the way you want it using Word just post that document to your students rather than adding this step.

Direction from Left to Right/Right to Left
The two buttons with the Paragraph symbol and the arrow allow you to change the direction that text flows. Though the default is from left to right, some languages are written from right to left.

Horizontal Rule
This creates a line across your page in order to create separation between sections.

This allows you to take a document that has many different sections, set an Anchor and name that section, then link to it from a different location and jump down to that section.

This allows you to create weblinks to other HTML documents.

This removes a link from your document.

Prevent Autolinking
Words that are listed in your Moodle glossary or database will "autolink" to those entries when they are written anywhere in Moodle. If you wish to prevent a word from linking to its glossary or database entry you may select it and use this command. For more information on "autolinking" see the entries on the glossary and database.

Insert Image
Allows you to add images you have saved as a file or those on the web to you page.

Insert Table
Allows you to add a table to your document.

Insert Smiley
Allows you to add emoticons to your document.

Insert Special Character
Allows you to add non-English or specialty characters to your document.

Search and Replace
Allows you to search your document for words or phrases and replace them with another.

Toggle HTML Source
This turns off the "WYSIWYG" (What You See Is What You Get) editor, displaying the HTML code and allowing you to directly code your web page. This comes in handy if you want to enter code from another source, like embedding YouTube videos.

Enlarge Editor
This opens the editor in a separate window so you can more easily see your page. It also give you an additional line of controls dealing with tables. Clicking this button again will minimize the page.