Getting Started: Quickmail: Sending E-mail Through Your Moodle Page

SSU Moodle has a simple "app" called "Quickmail" for sending e-mail to your students' SSU e-mail accounts. This may be preferable to sending a message through the built-in Moodle messaging system because students may not log into Moodle regularly. Setting up Quickmail on your Moodle class page is a simple 3-step process.

1. Turn Editing On
If you are unsure how to do this please see the demonstration here.

2. Add the Quickmail block
On the right-hand side of your Moodle page is a series of content blocks for News, Events and activities. You can add additional blocks by clicking on the "Add..." drop-down menu at the bottom. Select "Quickmail" and it will add a new block.


3. Turn Editing Off

Using Quickmail
Your Quickmail app is already configured to send email to any students enrolled in your Moodle course. Just click "Compose Email" and you will go to a Quickmail page. Select recipients of your email by selecting individual students and clicking "Add" or clicking "Add all" to send an email to everyone. Scroll down and you will have the option of adding Attachments to the email, and then writing the email itself in a basic HTML editor. For important messages you can elect to receive a receipt so that you know students received the email.