Assessment: Creating a Question

Creating a First Question
Go to the "Questions" tab and select the category you wish the question to appear in using the "Category" drop-down menu. Click the "Choose new question" drop-down menu and you will see all the different kinds of questions available. Selecting your question type takes you to the "Adding a question" page. Here you can reselect the category of the question if you wish. Fill in the "Question name" box with a name you will remember. Write your question in the "Question Text" box. Any HTML you write in this box will be activated.

Question Options
Every question type has different options available. All questions have the following options:

  • Image to Display: this dropdown will show you any image that has been uploaded into your course and will allow you to add the image to your question. The image will appear under the question text.
  • Default question grade: you can set how many points the question is worth.
  • Penalty factor: if the students answers the question wrong they will be penalized some value of points. You can specify what fraction of the score should be subtracted for each wrong response. This is only relevant if the quiz is run in adaptive mode so that the student is allowed to make repeated responses to the question. The penalty factor should be a number between 0 and 1. A penalty factor of 1 means that the student has to get the answer right in his first response to get any credit for it at all. A penalty factor of 0 means the student can try as often as he likes and still get the full marks.
  • General Feedback: Question general feedback is some text that gets shown to the student after they have attempted the question. Unlike feedback, which depends on the question type and what response the student gave, the same general feedback text is shown to all students.
  • Feedback for the Response: this allows you to give the student a message when they choose a particular answer.
  • Correct Answer: This lets you choose what is the correct answer for a question.

Because some of the options are unavailable on particular questions they are all listed here.

Answer/Choice #: Here you can enter details for a particular answer

  • Answer: this displays the text students will see for a particular answer. You can set this up as a hotlink by creating a link in the Feedback text editor, clicking on "Toggle HTML source", copying the code for the link and pasting it into the Answer box. Don't forget to toggle back to the Wysiwyg view and erase the link.
  • Grade: If this is not the correct answer you can set the drop-down menu to "none". If it is the correct answer set the drop-down menu to "100%". You can give partial credit for a response that is nearly correct by changing the percentage of points awarded for a particular answer.
  • Feedback: This message displays when the answer is selected.

Number the choices?: You can choose what kind of numbering you want for multiple choice questions: abc, ABC, 123 or "No Numbering".

One or multiple answers: this gives you two options: "multiple answers are allowed" or "one answer only"

Shuffle the Choices?: clicking this option will make the answer order different every time the question is viewed. This is especially helpful if students are sitting next to each other and can see the questions.

When you select "Save Changes" the screen will return to the "Question Bank". You can view the question you just entered by selecting the Category from the drop down. This will also tell you how many questions are in a particular category. You can view the text of a question by clicking on the "Preview" magnifying glass icon. This pops open a new window with the question you created and the answers you provided. When you click on an answer it will be marked either right or wrong and the appropriate feedback message will pop up.

Note: if you use words in the question that you have placed in your Glossary, they will automatically appear as links in your question, which will take students to that word's entry in the glossary. If you do not want this feature you may select the word in the "Editing a Question" screen and click on the "Prevent automatic linking" icon (it looks like a chain link with a red "X" through it).