Getting Started: Customize Course Settings

Customize Course Settings

The Moodle page defaults to a "Topic Outline" setting. However most teachers prefer a format that allows you to lay out assignments by week. You can change this by going to the Administration Block on the left and click "Settings". You should not have to modify the names or course ID numbers. The Summary is for the catalog description of the class.

Under this is a dropdown for "Format". Here you can change the format to "Weekly", set the number of weeks for the course and the start date. If you plan to have students working in groups you can enable that under the "Groups" dropdown. There are two choices here: "Separate Groups" can only access the work of those in their own group, while "Visible Groups" can see all the work that is being done in the class. You can of course see everyone's work regardless.

If you are still setting up your course you can decide whether or not your students can access it or not using the "Availability' dropdown. Here you can also make your site available to visitors who are not enrolled in the class.

Make sure to hit "Save Changes" when you're done. When you return to your site you'll see it's now laid out in weekly content blocks