Assessment: Creating a Quiz

Creating a Quiz

In the appropriate content block click the "Add an activity" drop-down menu and select "Quiz". After naming the exam you can write an Introduction in the appropriate text box. The following options are available:


  • Open/Close the quiz: decide when the quiz will become available to students and its due date and time.
  • Time limit (minutes): If you check the box to "enable" you can set the number of minutes students have to complete the exam
  • Time delay: If you want to allow students to have multiple attempts at this quiz you can set this so they have to wait a certain amount of time before taking it again.


  • Questions per page: Unlimited - the test will appear as one long screen which students can scroll through and answer. # - decide how many questions appear on the screen
  • Shuffle Questions: No - questions will appear in a set order. Yes - Questions will appear in a random order. May be useful if students are all sitting close together.
  • Shuffle within Questions: displays the answers in random order


  • Attempts Allowed: select how many times students may attempt the test
  • Each attempt builds on the last: If multiple attempts are allowed and this setting is set to Yes, then each new attempt contains the results of the previous attempt. This allows a quiz to be completed over several attempts. If this setting is st to No each new attempt wipes out the previous grade and only the new answers are carried forward.
  • Adaptive Mode: If students get a question wrong they can attempt it again at that time. Penalty factors will be applied for each wrong answer.


  • Grading Method
    • Highest Grade: if students have multiple attempts then the test with the highest grade will be assigned in the grade book.
    • Average Grade: grades from all the attempts the student makes will be averaged together
    • First Attempt: only the students first attempt at the test will be entered into the grade book. All other attempts will be considered practice.
    • Last Attempt: only the students last attempt at the test will be entered
  • Apply Penalties: decide whether or not to apply penalties for wrong answers
  • Decimal Digits in Grades: The number of decimal places the grades will be calculated out to rounded to the nearest integer

Review Options

  • This allows you to set when students will see the Feedback from each question.


  • Show quiz in a "Secure" window: This will allow you to display the quiz in a full-screen window that deactivates certain keyboard and mouse commands.
  • Require Password: you can set the quiz to only open on a particular password, which you can keep until you are ready for students to take the quiz. The "unmask" option will toggle whether or not the password is visible while it is being typed
  • Require Network Address: you can set specific computers as the only machines that can access the test

Common Module Settings

  • Group Mode: setting this to "No Groups" will allow all students to take the quiz
  • Grade Category: set this to "exams"

Overall Feedback

  • Allows you to give specific feedback for a range of outcomes for the exam.

Hit "Save and return to course" and you will see the quiz in the appropriate content block.
Clicking on the test will take you to the "Question Bank" where you can now add questions into your quiz.