Course Management: Managing Course Settings

Managing Course Settings
There are a number of course elements you can control from the "Settings" link in the Administration block. You have alreade made some changes here when you customized your course settings. There are many others available.


  • Hidden Sections: this controls what happens when you hide content blocks in editing mode. Hidden sections can either collapse down, so they are out of your way but still visible, or entirely invisible.
  • News items to show: this determines how much will display in your "News" content block.
  • Show gradebook to students: this will give students access to their grades at all times.
  • Show activity reports: this will update every time a student or teacher does anything on Moodle. It can keep you appraised of who is accessing Moodle and let students know when you have added something new.
  • Maximum upload size: this is set by SSU.

Enrollments / Enrollment expiry notification
You will not have to deal with this setting.


  • Group Mode: you may choose to have no groups in your class. If you do want groups you have two options: Separate Groups will not be able to see any content, information, or responses from other groups in class; Visible Groups will be able to see content from other groups.
  • See Managing Groups for more details


  • Availability: You can set whether or not students can see the content in your course. This can be useful if you are still building your course and do not want students to see it until it is finished.
  • Enrollment key: you may set a password that students must enter before they will have access to your Moodle site.
  • Guest access: you can allow non-students to view the content of your course, either with an enrolment key or without. If you decide to allow guests you can then decide whether or not the content of your site is available to your guests or not.


  • Force language: you can change the language of your Moodle site to any language installed by SSU (French, German, etc). All Moodle-specific links and content will display in this language. For example the link for "Settings" will be called "ConfiguraciĆ³n" in Spanish and "Einstellungen" in German. This can be very helpful is you teach a foreign language.

Role renaming

  • You can change the name of any person's title here. For example you could change your title to "Educator" and your students to "Learners".