Course Management: Managing Groups

Managing Groups
Go to the Administration block and click on "Groups". There are two columns: one for "Groups" and one for group members. To begin click the "Create group" and name and describe it.

  • Enrolment key: students must type in a password to enter the group
  • New picture: you can set a particular picture to represent the group
  • Hide picture: you can hide the group's image

Click "Save changes" button to return to the groups menu. Click the "Add/Remove Users" button to bring up a list of students. Select the students you want and click the "Add" button.

Auto-create groups
This will automatically assign students to different groups.

Select members from role
specify what kind of participant will be placed into groups.

  • Specify (how the groups are assigned): "Number of groups" or "Members of group"; Enter this number in the "Group/member count" box.
  • Naming scheme: set the names of each group by entering it here .
    • You can letter the groups by adding an "@" sign at the end of the group name. "Group @" will yield names "Group A", "Group B", "Group C", etc.
    • You can number them by adding an "#". "Group #" will yield names "Group 1", "Group 2", "Group 3", etc

Hitting the "Show Advanced" button will give you more options.

  • Prevent last small group: prevents single students being put into their own groups
  • \Allocate members: set how Moodle should auto-create the groups: Randomly; Alphabetically by first name; alpha by last name, alpha by ID number

Hit the "Preview" button and the students will be auto-added to groups.