Course Management: Managing User Roles

Managing User Roles
In the Administration block click "Assign roles". You can assign roles to any user that has less privileges than you do.

  • Student: students in the left column are enrolled in your course, while those in the right are not. You can add or remove students by clicking on their name in one column and hitting the "Add" or "Remove" button.
  • Non-editing teacher: a Teacher's assistant, co-teacher or Teaching Assistant. They can look at all the content, participate in the course (such as posting forum messages) but they can't add new resources/activities or submit quizzes or assignments. They can grade students, though. They have access to the gradebook, but can't change grade settings.
  • You can change roles in this same screen by changing the "Role to assign" setting to another role.
  • Hidden Assignment: the checkbox with the eye allows you to set a person as a non-editing teacher, but to keep that assignment hidden to anyone who is not also a non-editing teacher or a teacher themselves.