Course Management: Running Reports

Running Reports
Reports allow you to view the log files to see how students are using your course. In the Administration block click on the "Report" link. Using the drop-down menus you can run reports for a course, a group, an individual participant, a specific date (or all dates), a specific activity (or all), and the specific actions the participants performed (viewed the site, or added / updated / deleted content). You can display this report as an HTML page or download a text or Excel file. When you are ready click the "Get these logs" button.

You can view reports of activity as it happens using the "Current activity" links. "Live logs from the past hour" display a report of what has happened on your Moodle site in the past hour. This report automatically updates every 60 seconds. "Activity report" lists the activities in your Moodle course, the number of page views that activity has received, and when it was last accessed. Under "Participation Report" you can view user actions related to specific Activity modules, for a certain number of days, by a particular kind of user (such as students). Clicking the "Go" button takes you to a screen where you can see the specific members of the selected user group (such as specific students) and how many actions they have performed in your moodle course.

By clicking on the participants name you can see their profile, where you can also access Activity reports about their participation in the Moodle course. You can also access this profile by clicking on the "Participants" link in the upper left hand corner of the main course page.