Resources: Linking to a Folder of Documents

Linking to a Folder of Documents
If you have a group of resources you wish to share, like several articles, there are a few ways you can do it. If the resources are together in a zip file you can simply upload that file and link to it in your content block. That way students can download the zip file and unzip it on their computer.

Another option is to unzip that content into a folder, also called a "Directory" in the "Files" section of Moodle and link to that directory. In your content block use the "Add a Resource" drop down menu to select "Display a Directory". This brings up the "Adding a new Resource" page. The "Display a directory" drop down menu will display all the directories and "directory trees" (a list of folders and sub-folders) currently available on your Moodle site. Select the directory where you saved the resources and click "Save and return to course".

When you click on the link in the content block it will take you to a list of those resources that students can access.