Activity: Creating a Live Chat Room

Creating a Live Chat Room
You can set up a chat room that will allow your students to communicate with one another, with you, or even with an outside individual that is not a part of the class. Click "Add and Activity" and select "Chat". Name and describe your chat room and decide which options you wish to choose:

  • Next chat time: set the date and time the chat will be active
  • Repeat sessions: If live chats will occur frequently you can set them to occur at the same time every day or every week. There seems to be little difference between "Don't publish any chat times" and "No repeats".
  • Save past sessions: You can choose how long you would like Moodle to keep a record of the chat session.
  • Everyone can view past sessions: If you want the students to be able to review a log of the chat session click "Yes".
  • Group Mode: Setting to "No Groups" means that everyone can participate. Observation: he doesn't specify what happens if you select a group mode. Does that mean peopel would only be able to see other group member's chats? Or that only one member of the group could chat?

When the student clicks the chat activity in the content block a window will open up with two options:

  • Click here to enter the chat now: this opens a new window that shows you and all the participants in that specific chat activity on a frame to the right, and everyone's messages in a frame to the left.
  • (Version without frames and JavaScript): This opens a much simpler chat window that lists the participants on the top, a message section in the middle, and a running list of the messages at the bottom. Use this only if your browser does not support frames or JavaScript.