Activity: Creating a Choice

Creating a Choice
This activity will create a series of choices that students can indicate by clicking on the button above a particular choice. You can view these choices and even set it to publish the results to your students.

Click "Add an activity", select "Choice", and then name and describe the choice. If students can only choose one item in your list of choices then Enable "Limit the number of responses allowed". Type in one item in the choice windows. Note that you will be unable to change "Limit" unless you enabled it above. If you need more choices you may add more fields. When you have identified your choices you may add options to the choice activity:

  • Restrict answering to this time period: you can limit the time the choice is open to students and when it closes.
  • Display Mode: choices can display horizontally, choices side by side with the button on top, or vertically, choices one on top of the other with the buttons on the left.
  • Publish results: you can choose to not publish results to students, or to show them results after a particular point.
  • Privacy of results: If you decide to publish results you can choose whether to show the choices of individual students, in which case the results will appear in a table underneath the choice, or to publish them anonymously.