Database: Setting Up a Database

Setting Up a Simple Database
Building a database is a multi-step process. To begin click "Add an activity" and select "Database". Name and describe the database and decide when it will be available and viewable by students. Then decide how you want students to interact with the database using the options below:

  • Required Entries: You can choose how many entries each student must enter. Each time they do so Moodle will remind them how many entries they have left. Setting to "None" will allow students to continue to add to the database for as long as they want to.
  • Entries required before viewing: You can choose how many entries students must enter before they are able to view the database. Setting to "None" will ensure that students can always see the entries so that they do not duplicate an item.
  • Maximum Entries: You can set how many entries students can make.
  • Comments: This allows other students to make additional notes on an entry.
  • Require Approval: If you wish to view an entry before it becomes part of the database you can set this to "Yes".
  • Allow posts to be rated? If you wish to grade the entries set this to "Yes".
  • Grade: Select how many points each entry is worth.