Getting Started: Logging In and Getting Oriented in Moodle

Logging In and Getting Oriented in Moodle

Turn Editing On
If you are unsure how to do this please see directions here. (opens in new window)

Content Block
These are the blocks of information found in the middle of a Moodle page. At the top of this block is an "Edit" icon. This will allow you to change the header information for that block.

Items Within a Content Block
Each item within a content block has a set of icons that allow you to edit the item.

Indent will slide that particular item over like a tab in a word processor. This is useful for organizing hierarchies of content.
Move will display a series of boxes where you can move the content up or down. Just click on the box where you want to move the item. You can even move it to another content block.
Edit opens the item's setup menu, allowing you to change its settings.
Delete removes the item.
Hide/Show will make the item visible or invisible to students. If the eyeball is open then students can see the item when they check the Moodle page. If the eyeball is closed then the item is hidden from students, and will appear "greyed out" on your teacher Moodle page. This allows you to create an item ahead of time, like a test, but not have it visible to your students until you choose to make it visible.

Add a Resource / Activity
When editing is turned on there are two drop down menus in each content block: "Add a Resource" and "Add an Activity". Resources are information files you want to provide to your students. Activities are things you want your students to do or hand in.

Altering & Moving a Content Block
block-icons.jpgOn the right hand side of every content block is a series of block icons, used to alter the block's appearance and location on the Moodle page.
Show Block icon will make that content block the only one visible, except for the header block. Push it again to return the other content blocks to your Moodle page.
Highlight Block icon will color that content block, so your students know which block to focus on.
Hide/Show icon will make that content block appear or disappear on the page.
Move Block icon will move the content block up or down on the Moodle page.

Switch Roll To
This drop-down menu in the upper right hand corner of the Moodle page will allow you to switch between your teacher access and that of a student, so you can see what your site looks like to them. To return just hit the button to return to teacher roll. Make sure to turn editing back on if you want to continue to change things.