Glossary: Adding Concepts to the Glossary

Adding Concepts to the Glossary
When you are inside the glossary you can click the "Add a new entry" button, which takes you to an HTML editor page. The "Concept" entry is the term to be defined. "Definition" is where you write what you want people to know about the concept. Note that you can use all the HTML available on other pages.

  • Categories: if you have categories set up you can select which category applies here
  • Keyword(s):
  • Attachment: if you wanted to attach a file to the definition.

Anytime this term shows up anywhere inside your moodle course it will be hyperlinked back to this definition.

  • This entry should be automatically linked: check this to turn autolinking on
  • This entry is case sensitive: check this if you want to only autolink if the capitalization of the word in the Moodle course matches the concept
  • Match whole words only: check this if you want to make sure that the autolink matches the entire concept.