Wiki: Creating a Wiki

Creating a Wiki
A wiki is a website that is collaboratively created by you and your students. To create a wiki click "Add an activity" and select "Wiki". The link for this will be created in whatever content block you choose, so if this is a link you will want them to go to frequently it may be best to create it in the Header block of your Moodle page. It will also create a "Wiki" link in your Activities block on the left.

Name and describe your wiki then hit the "Show Advanced" button to set up all the parameters for setting up your wiki.


  • Groups: every member of the class is part of the group and can contribute to the wiki.
  • Students: every student has their own wiki they can create
  • Teacher: the teacher has their own wiki they can create

Print wiki name on every page: selecting "Yes" is helpful because students will have a reference point inside the wiki to know where they're at.


  • No HTML: you may only use standard Wiki mark up (see later lessons)
  • Safe HTML: you can intermix Wiki mark up with some HTML if you know it
  • HTML only: you cannot use Wiki mark up

Allow binary files: if you want you students to be able to upload and link to files they are creating inside the wiki set this to "Yes"

Wiki auto-linking options: CamelCase means that each word is capitalized but there is no space between the words. Anytime you want to create a link inside the wiki just write the name of the link as a CamelCase word and the wiki will automatically create a link to that page. This can cause problems if you are linking to outside websites that use a combination of upper and lowercase letters in their URLs. To make sure these links work properly all the time check the box to disable this feature.

Student admin functions
Allow 'set page flags':

Page name: You can name your wiki whatever you like

Choose an initial page: you may want to link the first page of the wiki to another HTML page. If you leave this blank Moodle will create an initial page for you.

Group mode: like other Moodle pages, you can allow/require students to work in groups you assign. You can do this now or separate the wiki out into groups at a later time.