Getting Started: Customize Your Profile

Customize Your Profile

Click on your name on the upper right of the Moodle page. Hitting the "Edit Profile" tab will allow you to change your personal information. Make sure your email address is correct. The "Description" box will change the information that appears near the top of your profile. You can select a picture of yourself by clicking on the "Browse" button on the "Picture of" section. Make sure to fill in a "picture description" under that section.

If you want to add additional contact information click on the "Advanced" button on the bottom.

When you click "Update Profile" your new profile will appear.

You can also use this screen to change your password for this class, unenroll yourself from this class, or send messages to any other moodle user. You can find your Forum Posts here, as well as make a new blog entry. The "Notes" section is for posting information that will be visible by other teachers. "Site Notes" will be visible by all teachers using Moodle. "Course Notes" will be visible by all teachers teaching that course. "Personal Notes" will only be visible by you.

Note: SSU Moodle uses your official SSU email address. For students, this is in the form of For faculty and staff, this is in the form of OR, depending on your Exchange email preferences. If you try to change your email address in the Moodle profile, the automatic enrollment update will reset it to your official email address.