Assessment: Adding Questions to a Quiz

Adding Questions to a Quiz

Once you are inside your quiz hit the "Edit" tab. Choose the category for the questions you want from the "Category" drop-down menu. To add an individual question to the quiz click on the "Add to quiz" box with the double arrows. To add multiple questions from one category check the box next to all the questions you want to add and click on the button "Add to quiz" at the bottom of the screen. That adds all the questions you selected to the quiz.

There are some options in ordering the questions in the quiz:

  • Move Arrows: You can control the order in which the questions appear using the up and down arrow keys on the left of the question.
  • Grade: You can control the grade value for each question and set the maximum grade available for the quiz.
  • Page Breaks: You can automatically alter the number of questions per page by checking "Show Page Breaks" and hitting "Repaginate with # questions per page"
  • Reorder: you can completely reorder the questions and page breaks manually using these settings

When you have set up your quiz as you like it click on the "Preview" tab to see how your test will look to your students. Test out each question of the test to make sure it works the way you want it to. When you are finished click "Submit all and finish". Notice that a warning comes up, which is identical to what your students will receive.

A quiz review page will appear giving the grade, among other things. If there were any essay questions in the quiz the grade will show that as a missing answer (IE: 7 out of a maximum of 8)