Grades: Quiz Data Analysis

Quiz Data Analysis
At the bottom of the Quiz Results tab in the "Overview" section is a bar graph with the number of students and the grades they got. At the top of the section is a link to "Item Analysis". This section gives a great deal of data about the overall quiz and each specific question. You can sort information by clicking on the links at the top of the column.

  • Q#: Question number

  • Partial Credit: the amount of points given by the instructor for that answer

  • R.Count: the number of students that chose that answer divided by the number of attempts to answer that question

  • R.%: the percentage of students that chose that answer

  • % Correct Facility: an overall measure of how difficult the question was for the quiz takers

  • SD: The Standard deviation for each question

  • Disc.Index/Coefficient: Discrimination Index/Coefficient provide a measure of the effectiveness of each question