Grades: Exporting / Importing Grades

Exporting Grades
If you want to fill out your grades using a localized spread sheet you can do so by exporting your gradebook. On the Grades page click on the "Choose an action" drop-down menu and select "Export to" your choice of spreadsheets. You then must select the parameters to be exported.

  • Feedback Comments: these are the comments you've written to students for each assignment
  • Preview Rows:
  • Grade Export Display Type: Real - the actual numbers being exported; Percentage - calculated based on each grade; Letter - the grade assigned for each item
  • Grade export decimal points: rounded to the nearest integer
  • Grade Items to be included: you can select the specific grade items you want to include
  • Select all/none: this toggles the selection of grade items between all of them and none of them

Hitting "Submit" will take you to a preview page showing all the information about to be downloaded. Hit the "Download" button to save the file.
When you open the file in your spreadsheet program you are able to enter and modify information.

Importing Grades
In order to import your information directly into Moodle it must be saved as a "Comma Separated Values (.csv)" file.