Migrating From WebCT

The migration process is NOT fully automated - Faculty will need to actively participate.

Moving your courses from WebCT to Moodle is much like moving from one house to another. The moving company can load up your belongings and haul them to your new home, and maybe even put the boxes into the appropriate rooms. But you have to unpack your valuables, decide where to place them, and what to leave in boxes in the basement, or throw out. It's the same with WebCT and Moodle. IT will move all your WebCT course files to a Migration Staging Moodle course. We will provide training sessions to help you learn what do to with your content in Moodle, how to add activities and other resources. We will also provide one-on-one consulting to help you use Moodle effectively for your course.

Migration Process Outline

The IT Web Office will email all faculty who have recently used WebCT (Spring 2009 through Summer 2010) to communicate details of the migration process, and to list the courses the faculty member may wish to migrate to Moodle. This email is scheduled to go out during the week of Aug 20-Sept 4, and will contain more details and links to migration workshop registration. Those faculty members will need to take the following steps.

  1. Reply to the Web Office email to confirm the courses to migrate.
  2. Register for a Moodle Migration Workshop.
  3. View two brief (less than 10 minutes total) Moodle training videos at lynda.com before attending the workshop.
  4. Attend a Moodle Migration Workshop.
  5. Make desired changes to the migrated course(s) in Moodle.

After the workshop, Moodle Migration Team members from IT and the University Library will be available to assist faculty one-on-one.