Moodle Pilot Activities

In an effort to build a community of SSU faculty members skilled in using Moodle, the Center for Teaching and Professional Development and Information Technology have sponsored two Moodle faculty/student pilots.

Pilot 1, Summer-Fall, 2009

Eight faculty members participated, completing online training courses "Moodle 100: Introduction to Moodle" and "Moodle 101: Course Creation." These faculty members then implemented one Moodle course each, providing data as to instructor and student satisfaction. The faculty pilot group unanimously favored Moodle over WebCT. In addition, students were also much more satisfied using Moodle. Finally, these faculty also participated in a SSU Moodle Panel and Showcase.


  • Heather Brace (ELSE),
  • Mary Dingle (ELSE),
  • Pat Jackson (CRIM),
  • Alex Smith (LIB),
  • Elizabeth Stanny (BUS),
  • Liz Thach (BUS),
  • Mary Ellen Wilkosz (NUR)

Pilot 2, Summer-Fall, 2010

The current pilot includes 16 faculty members across all Schools and approximately 600 students. The faculty members took an online Introduction to Moodle courses in June and a More About Moodle course in August. During these courses, they each developed a course in Moodle, which will be implemented during the Fall semester. Data will be collected from instructors and students in regard to satisfaction with Moodle. These data will help inform ways which we can best support faculty and students using Moodle in the near future. These faculty will also participate in a Faculty Demo Panel and Poster session on November 19.


  • Chiara Bacigalupa (LSEE),
  • Kristen Boland (EDU),
  • Alex Boutin (ANTH),
  • Kelly Estrada (CSSE),
  • Armand Gilinsky (BUS),
  • Karen Grady (CSSE),
  • Paula Hammett (LIB),
  • Deborah Hammond (LIBS),
  • MaryAnn Nickel (LSEE),
  • Jessica Parker (CSSE),
  • Suzanne Rivoire (CS),
  • Jim Robison (BUS),
  • Richard Senghas (ANTH),
  • John Sullins (PHIL),
  • Zeno Swijtink (PHIL),
  • Melissa Vandeveer (NUR)