About The North Bay International Studies Project (NBISP)

Welcome to NBISP

Through our grants and partnerships, NBISP is able to offer interventions and literacy support, develop assessments aligned with standards-based curriculum, and provide resources for classroom teachers in numerous content areas. Our goal is to provide professional development to improve teaching and learning in Northern California.

In any one of California’s thousands of classrooms, we could have future workers with the ability to understand a dozen different cultures and the wherewithal to connect and communicate with people all over the globe on terms they can understand.

- State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Jack O’Connell

NBISP is a grant-funded, statewide subject-matter project that provides pedagogical and curriculum resources in both history/social science and international studies to the university and K-12 educational community. We are one of the seven sites of the California International Studies Project (CISP) and a member of the Redwood Professional Development Consortium (RPDC). International education, as State Superintendent Jack O’Connell discusses, is a central tenet of a 21st century education.

We offer tailor-made workshops, seminars, lectures, and summer institutes aligned with the California State Standards for history/social science, including content programs in international studies, world and American history, geography, economics, and government. Our programs address the Common Core State Standards including content area reading, writing, and academic language skills, teaching methodologies, and leadership development. All teachers participating in NBISP programs examine both what constitutes best classroom practice in history/social science and the multifaceted roles in which teachers are engaged as facilitators of learning, researchers, and professionals. Our comprehensive K-12 professional development programs address content standards while supporting the integration of the English language arts and the ELD standards. NBISP programs are also open to student teachers.

Our educators work with you to create professional development opportunities based on your needs. We strive to offer teacher-driven, sustainable professional development and we are available to support grant writing as well. Our strength as a program comes from our ability to listen, combine multiple strategies, and promote best practices. To inquire about how we can assist you with needs-based professional development, please contact us: northbayinternationalstudies@gmail.com. To visit examples of our lesson plans, visit our resources page.

Our Mission

  • Develop teachers’ academic content knowledge and strengthen instructional skills;
  • Conduct site and regional programs designed to bridge cultures, cultivate equity, and enhance access for California’s diverse student population;
  • Examine the complexity of historical and contemporary issues from a range of discipline perspectives.
  • Promote academic literacy through reading and writing strategies in history-social science for all students
  • Support the implementation of the History-Social Science Content Standards and California Common Core Standards into student learning
  • Establish a network of K-16 educators