Are You Part of SSU's History?

Next year is SSU's 50th anniversary and as we look forward, it is fitting to cast a backward glance through the memories of many of those who played a significant role in the development and growth of the University.

"As more and more faculty and staff 'left us, ' we realized that many of the memories of the early days were being lost forever, " said Dr. John Palmer, retired SSU professor and member of the ERFA (Emeritus & Retired Faculty Association). As a result, Palmer and Barbara Biebush, Jan Hitchcock, Lucy Kortum and Sue Thomas took on the exciting task of collecting memories, supplemented by a few existing interviews. With support from the University and others, the project began. Three years later, the publication date approaches.

The book consists of actual memories of faculty, staff, administrators, students and community members about their experiences at or with Sonoma State College/University. They are augmented by brief chapters on the history of the University and photographs from the University collection. Once the printed version is published, there will be an online site where visitors will be able to add their own memories and photos.

"We are pleased and honored that this book will be presented and available at the University's Founders' Day in 2011, " says Palmer., We invite you to preorder the book now as only a limited number of copies will be available. To purchase, send a check for $29.95 made out to Sonoma State University to:

SSU History Book
c/o Susan Kashack
University Affairs Division
Stevenson Hall, Room 1062

Questions may be directed to Dr. Sue Thomas at or Susan Kashack at 4-2122 or

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