Student Assistant Update for Fall 2010

Reminder for Fall Hires

A Student Employment Form (SEF) is required for all new, returning and continuing Student Assistants. New and returning Student Assistants may begin as early as August 16. All summer positions automatically terminate August 31. For those who will continue to work into the Fall semester, September 1, 2010 should be used as the start date on the SEF.


The sign-up schedule has been revised. Please instruct new student assistants to visit the Student Assistant Sign-Up webpage to view the sign-up schedule and information regarding required paperwork and acceptable identification. A sign-up is required prior to beginning work for new Student Assistants or returning Student Assistants who have not worked at SSU within the past three years.

For all information on student assistant employment, visit the student assistant section of the Employee Services website. For further assistance, contact Emily Bawanan at 4-3278 or Terrie DeLorm at 4-2092.

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