Professor Kathy Charmaz Keynote Speaker at Sociological Conference

Kathy Charmaz was the keynote speaker at the Midwest Qualitative Research Conference on June 17th; her talk was titled, "The Power of Grounded Theory for Social Change."

She also gave the opening keynote address, "Multiple Futures for Symbolic Interactionism" at the International Symposium of Symbolic interactionism in Pisa, Italy on June 3rd.

A revision of her spring invited lecture, "Disclosing Illness and Disability in the Workplace," for the Division of Business, University of South Australia, has been accepted by the Journal of International Education in Business.

Her review essay, "Studying Chronic Illness through Grounded Theory" recently appeared in an edited volume, New Directions in the Sociology of Chronic and Disabling Conditions: Assaults on the Lifeworld and a co-authored essay, "Chronic Illness" was published in the New Blackwell Companion to Medical Sociology.

She just completed her presidential year at the August annual meetings of the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interactionism in Atlanta where she gave a three hour workshop, "Grounded Theory Methods for Social Justice Research."

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