Multicultural Competence Workshop for SSU Staff

This workshop is intended to create a safe space for staff to a) explore your own identities and your places of privilege, b) incorporate this awareness into your interactions with students and co-workers, c) explore ways in which you can become allies to people who are minorities along some dimension(s) of the "Big 8" (culture, race/ethnicity, sexual identity, class, gender, disability, age, and religion), and d) discuss examples of interactions that can benefit from this increased multicultural awareness.

This will be a collaborative workshop, recognizing and harnessing the varied knowledge bases and experiences among the participants present.

Bring your lunch. Light refreshments will be provided as well.

Tues., November 16th, 12p.m. - 1p.m. in Stevenson Rm. 2050.

Facilitators: Drs. Julie Shulman and Jayamala Madathil, Dept. of Counseling,
and Dr. Laura Naumann, Dept. of Psychology

RSVP by Nov. 9th to Julie Shulman:

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