"From Stress to Success" Staff Development Workshop

Thumbnail image for glenn.jpgGlenn Brassington (right), associate professor of psychology, leads the upcoming Staff Development Workshop, "From Stress to Success: Using Mental Training Techniques to Master the Demands of Work and Life," taking place Wed., Nov. 10 from noon-1 p.m. in Stevenson 3042.

In a climate of increasing demands to do more with less, potentially stress-provoking situations are a part of almost everyone's work life. Staff members at SSU have been experiencing increasing pressure to increase their work productivity and effectiveness in the midst of furloughs and budget cuts. These demands can take a toll on one's physical and mental health, affecting the quality of one's life now and in the years to come unless steps are taken to inoculate one's self against the harmful effects of stress-provoking situations.

Dr. Brassington would like to express his sincere gratitude for the work that is provided by the staff at SSU by offering a workshop to SSU staff on mental training strategies that can be used to maintain physical and mental health in the midst of an often turbulent and changing work environment. He will be presenting practical techniques to combat stress based on his clinical and research work with professional athletes, performing artists, and business leaders. Participants will receive a free copy of his CD entitled, "Excellence Is No Accident: Mental Training Program for Business Leaders, Athletes, and Performing Artists."

Glenn S. Brassington, Ph.D. is an associate professor in the psychology department at Sonoma State University and an adjunct clinical assistant professor at the Stanford Prevention Research Center at Stanford University. He is a licensed psychologist who specializes in health and performance psychology.

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