Jeff Davis Delivered National Webinar

webinar.jpgDirector of SSU's Learning Center Jeff Davis delivered a nationally broadcast webinar on October 26 on the topic of first-generation students.

The webinar was produced by the internet publisher Magna, and will describe some of the material in Davis's recently published book The First-Generation Student Experience: Who They are, Their Characteristics, and Strategies for Improving Their Persistence and Success, published by Stylus of Sterling, Virginia.

A webinar is similar to a seminar except that the people attending a webinar are located in different places throughout the country in front of computer screens. Davis broadcast live from the Magna offices in Madison, Wisconsin. Over 100 postsecondary
institutions paid for and received the webinar.

Davis's book is reaching his intended audience and the movement to recognize the importance of first-generation college students is gaining steam. He has already appeared on National Public Radio and recently returned from Davidson University in North Carolina where he delivered a series of workshops on the subject for faculty, staff, and students there.

National studies indicate that first-generation students graduate at
half the rate of non first-generation students, and Davis thinks this
student population can be key to increasing the six-year graduation
rate not only at SSU but at postsecondary institutions across the

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