Going Green with KTEK Recycled Toner and Ink

SSU to Save Money by Joining the CSU - KTEK Partnership

icr.pngThrough a systemwide procurement effort, KTEK recycled products have become the CSU choice for toner and ink cartridge needs at enormous savings - generally 47 percent to 70 percent less than HP and other supplier equivalent products. With recent support from the Campus Reengineering Committee, SSU is joining more than half of the CSU sister campuses already fully selecting KTEK products through auto-substitution.

How Will It Work at SSU?

Beginning Mon., Nov. 22, and throughout this fiscal year, for all Office Max toner/ink cartridge orders, KTEK equivalent cartridges will be automatically delivered for HP or other brands named.

This automatic substitution will ensure that our campus achieves maximum cost savings, helps the environment and supports our commitment of doing business with disabled veterans and small businesses - all with one order!

How Do I Select KTEK Cartridges?

If you aren't responsible for ordering cartridges in your department, be sure to ask the department procurement card holder to select KTEK on the next Office Max online order.

KTEK products cross-reference to major brands are located on their Office Max website account: "CSU Resource Materials" in the "Your Custom Link" menu. They can locate all KTEK products by clicking on the "Toner Preferred KTEK Recycled DVBE" line in their shopping list. This word has gone out to all department procard holders and their approving officials as well.

Good To Go

All KTEK cartridges come with a 1 year warranty. KTEK cartridge rate of return is comparable to other major brands including HP.

We're Here to Help You Get There

For assistance, contact Lynne Trainor (Financial Services, Contracts and Procurement) at lynne.trainor@sonoma.edu or call 4-3239.

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