Faculty Moodle Training Project, Winter 2011

Thumbnail image for moodleguy.pngFR: Brett Christie, Director, Center for Teaching and Professional Development

Whether you have experience with WebCT/Moodle or not, this project is for you!

No doubt, you have heard many updates this past year regarding the transition from WebCT to Moodle, which will go into full effect at the beginning of the Spring 2011 term. Over the last 3 semesters, we have had multiple faculty Moodle pilots, with great success and enthusiasm, on behalf of both faculty and student participants.

The present opportunity is to participate in extensive Moodle training and support over winter session 2011. This will begin with a face-to-face session with award-winning Moodle trainer, Joan Van Duzer, on Mon., Jan. 10 from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. (lunch is included). The training will then move online for four weeks, with approximately 1-2 hours of participation per day. Though participation is designed to be daily, there is flexibility to move ahead or catch up, within reason.

The Center for Teaching and Professional Development will pay for all training, which is normally $200 per person. Up to 20 faculty participants will be accepted into the project. In addition, all faculty members who successfully complete the online training will receive a $100 stipend.

As part of the training, faculty participants will develop an actual Spring 2011 course and may choose to develop other courses, simultaneously. This will put these instructors in a strong position for effective use of Moodle from Spring 2011 forward.

We seek a broad and diverse level of faculty involvement and are open to participation by instructors of all backgrounds and expertise levels related to online teaching and learning. In particular, we hope to accommodate faculty who may have little or no experience using WebCT or Moodle. Regardless, the goal is a higher level of proficiency in utilizing Moodle toward enhanced teaching and learning.

If interested in participating, complete a brief online application at this link.

Questions may be directed to Brett Christie at 4-2873 or email brett.christie@sonoma.edu.

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