Rohwedder Launches "Ecological Handprints"

photo.jpegProfessor Rocky Rohwedder of the ENSP Department has launched a website on his forth-coming book called "Ecological Handprints." He says "The Ecological Handprint reframes the notion of sustainability. It expands on the Footprint by bringing together the interrelated goals of sustaining the biological integrity of the planet and insuring sustenance for those in need."

"The Ecological Handprint book will be both theoretical and practical in nature. It begins with a brief context-setting historical analysis of the sustainability concept, as well as the problems with the term and the way it is used in the popular media. Then building on the success of the Ecological Footprint, I introduce a new framework known as the Ecological Handprint. Following a thorough treatment of this expand vision of sustainability, I introduce a suite of ecological handprints (case studies) from around the world. Finally, I'll provide a variety of supporting resources for creating or expanding Ecological Handprints in your own community."

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Ecological Handprint's has a facebook as well which can be reached at

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