Charmaz Lectures at NCA Convention in SF, Gives Workshop at American Society of Criminology

charmaz.jpgKathy Charmaz, professor of sociology, presented the 2010 George Herbert Mead Lecture at the annual convention of the National Communication Association (NCA) in San Francisco, November 14-17. Her lecture, "Stories, Time, and Self-Construction," explored what researchers can learn about meanings and purposes of interview narratives, the significance of time, and self-construction.

Charmaz examined the continuous processes of self-construction, which involves the processes of developing, maintaining, and changing the self. She indicated that constructivist grounded theorists would look for tacit meanings and actions to discover what remained unstated, what might be unrealized, and what might be taken for granted at various levels of analysis--individual, organizational, and collective.

She also gave a workshop on grounded theory methods in qualitative analysis at the American Society of Criminology.

In addition to teaching sociology courses, Charmaz is director of the Faculty Writing Program, and has written, co-authored or co-edited eight books. She is also the current president of the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction. She can be reached by email at

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