Volunteers and "Sponge" Activities Sought for MESA Day

mesaday.jpgFor the first time, Sonoma State University will host the annual Math, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) Day Competitions, in partnership with Santa Rosa Junior College, on Saturday, April 30. MESA works with thousands of educationally disadvantaged students to help them excel in math and science, and graduate with math-based degrees.

Organizers are currently seeking SSU faculty, staff and students to help judge MESA Day events and provide other forms of assistance during the event.

MESA Day brings together students from middle and high schools in the Northern California region to compete in various math, engineering and science activities to determine who will go on to larger regional MESA activities.

Competitions for MESA Day include strength tests for bridges built using manila folders, ice-cream sticks and balsa wood, or building models of the human brain, arm and eye.

Organizers are looking for departments and student clubs to host "sponge" activities, for participating students to soak up the time when they are not in competition. Departments or clubs that would like to demo an interesting project should contact Izabela Kanaana, professor of mathematics, 664-2271 or email kanaana@sonoma.edu.

Those interested in volunteering or who would like general information about MESA Day, should contact Kamal S. Prasad, education and public outreach specialist, at 664-2190 or email kamal@universe.sonoma.edu.

For more information about MESA at SSU visit http://mesa.sonoma.edu/.

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