Boaz on Media's Misrepresentation of Civil Resistance

boazc.jpgCynthia Boaz, professor of political science, will discuss "How Media Misrepresents Civil Resistance and Nonviolent Action" at the Tuesday, March 22 installment of the School of Social Sciences Brown Bag lecture series. The event is held in Stevenson 2011 from noon-1 p.m.

Dr. Boaz uses frame analysis to analyze some of the common ways in which mainstream media coverage of nonviolent struggles and civil resistance tends to reinforce key distortions in knowledge about these struggles and even defaults to the perspective of the oppressor.

She also makes suggestions for ways in which conscious citizens, activists, and media audiences can help counter these misconceptions. Key case studies are recent events in Egypt, Iran's "Green Revolution" and Burma's "Saffron Revolution."

Bring lunch and relax at this and future informal Brown Bag seminars, which are open to faculty, staff, students and interested community members. For more information on upcoming lectures, view the Brown Bag spring schedule (PDF document).

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