A Dialogue Between Descendants of Master and Slave

neelsmith.jpegPam Smith and Ann Neel met in 1991 over the phone. Smith had contacted Neel for assistance in researching her family history in Randolph County, Missouri, knowing that Neel had long experience studying slaveholding families from that area.

After two years of sharing ideas and resources, they made a startling discovery: their family histories intersected directly. Pam's enslaved great great grandfather was actually owned by a member of Ann's family.

"Entangled Lives" is a presentation by Smith and Neel that explores the emotional and sociological implications of African slavery for black/white relations today.

Taking place Wednesday, March 23 at 7 p.m. in the Cooperage, their conversation weaves relevant information about how to begin a family history search, DNA testing to determine ethnic composition and African ancestry, and insights about current social justice issues.

Presented in conjunction with Women's History Month, and in cooperation with the Department of Women's and Gender Studies.

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