"Whatever Happened to Germany's Left?"

Diane Parness Speaks at Next School of Social Sciences Brown Bag Lecture

brown-bag-lunch1.jpegDr. Diane Parness, professor of political science, discusses her work, "Whatever Happened to Germany's Left?" at the Tuesday, March 8 installment of the Brown Bag Lecture Series, taking place from noon-1 p.m. in Stevenson 2011.

Dr. Parness addresses questions relevant not only to Germany, but also Europe, and the current fate of political ideology: Whatever happened to Germany's Left, and, what happens to socialism if nobody can afford it anymore?

The painful electoral fortunes of Germany's Left mirror similar patterns across Europe. The European Left seems bereft of its electoral allure and ideological vision. In Germany's case, this condition is a product of uninspiring leadership, significant demographic shifts, and sheer cost. The Left must redefine itself to survive. If it does, will it lose its identity? Is ideology really dead?

This open forum, showcasing recent research by School of Social Sciences faculty, is open to the entire university and community members alike. Bring a lunch and enjoy the insight and perspectives of Dr. Parness.

For more information on Dr. Parness, visit her entry at the SSU Experts Guide.

For more information on the Brown Bag Lecture Series, visit the School of Social Sciences website at http://www.sonoma.edu/socsci/.

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