"Revolutions in Africa" Course Offered in Fall 2011

africa.jpegInterested in African history? The history department is offering a course in Fall 2011 called "Revolutions in Africa," taught by Senegalese Ph.D. candidate Aliou Ly from U.C. Davis.

The upper-division course will explore the history of African societies through the experience of revolutions (both military and non-military) and resistance. Interested students of any major are encouraged to take advantage of this one-time opportunity.

The course, listed as HIST 376, will be held Tuesdays from 5 p.m.-8:40 p.m.

An overview of the course follows:

This upper division course explores the history of Africans and African societies through the experience of revolutions and resistance. The term "revolution" incorporates armed struggle and extends to all processes effecting social, cultural, religious and political change within African societies and in the context of African encounters with Europeans.

We will begin with the first Islamic jihad leading to the creation of a Shiite Republic in West Africa in 1776, and culminate with the contemporary civil conflicts in Egypt, Congo, Libya, and the Ivory Coast. We will pay particular attention to the role of gender in anti-colonial resistance movements, nationalism and independence struggles.

Studying revolutions/resistance will allow us to see how societies, cultures, religions, gender, and politics evolved over several centuries and shed light on the contemporary challenges facing the African continent.

Questions may be directed to the history department at (707) 664-2313.

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