Enstam Jaffe Discusses "The Primate Faces Project"

jaffe.jpgKarin Enstam Jaffe, professor of anthropology, presents her new and ongoing work, "The Primate Faces Project: Research that Involves Students and Uses Moodle" at the upcoming Brown Bag Lecture, happening Tuesday, April 26 from noon to 1 p.m. in Stevenson 2011.

Throughout the current semester, Enstam Jaffe is conducting a pilot study of the Primate Faces Project, which aims to investigate the correlation between the presence of female dominance hierarchy and the ease of recognition of non-human primate faces.

Enstam Jaffe's April 26 presentation will:

* Illustrate how primatologists identify their study subjects;

* Explain dominance in primates and its relationship to facial individuality;

* Describe how this project involves Sonoma State students, providing invaluable research experience without the need to leave campus;

* Demonstrate the implementation of the pilot study; and

* Show how Enstam Jaffe has used the university's new learning management system, Moodle, to aid in the organization of research volunteers.

Bring lunch and relax at this and future informal Brown Bag seminars, which are open to faculty, staff, students and interested community members. For more information on upcoming lectures, view the School of Social Sciences Brown Bag Lecture Series spring schedule (PDF document).

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