NAKland Children's Carnival Educates and Entertains

Thumbnail image for nakland.jpgThe gentlemen of the Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity (NAK) are proud to present the nationally recognized and award-winning philanthropy event, NAKland. Geared toward elementary and middle school-aged children, the family-friendly event takes place Sunday, April 10 from noon-4 p.m. in Sonoma State University's main quad.

Combining educational workshops with carnival-style games, NAKland is a free event built around the concept of gaining a higher education, while having a safe and fun environment for children to celebrate Dia de Los Niños (a Latino holiday celebrating childhood).

Members of NAK will teach children about the importance of education, healthy habits and safety through informative workshops. An educational seminar for parents is also offered, informing them about Sonoma State University, financial aid opportunities, and reinforcing the importance of college.

In addition to these workshops, NAKland features fun children's activities. Jump houses - donated by local businesses - arts and crafts, softball toss, face painting, pie toss and other carnival games offer entertainment for the whole family. Toys and books will also be distributed to children, to help promote this special day.

The event is coupled with disk jockeys, professional dancers, and live music, all donated to NAKland. Carnival games are facilitated by various non-profit organizations from Sonoma State University.

Representatives from Kaiser Permanente will be discussing how to maintain a healthy body, and teaching first aid. Similarly, SSU is providing the event with healthy food and beverages.

Nu Alpha Kappa is a non-profit fraternal organization that was founded in 1988 at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, on the foundations of academics, bortherhood and culture. SSU's Gamma Chapter was established in 1992, and has since been contributing to the university and community through philanthropic events and fundraisers, including NAKland and their annual Bone Marrow Drive.

For more information about NAKland or the Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity, contact Jesus Murguia at (408) 623-6797 or email

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