Remembering Robert Coleman-Senghor

bob_coleman.jpgThe SSU community is reflecting on a man who was far more than just a professor on this campus - Robert Coleman-Senghor was a mentor, a leader, a critic, an intellectual and a friend. He passed away on Saturday, April 9 after suffering a medical emergency on campus late last week.

"At the University, Bob had high standards and fought for the best education we could provide," said President Ruben Armiñana in a campus-wide email on Sunday. "I respected his unwavering commitment to excellence and fair play. I know you join me in offering your thoughts to his family, friends, students and colleagues."

Coleman-Senghor joined the English Department at SSU in 1972. Known as a tough professor who took great care to challenge his students, Coleman-Senghor specialized in 19th and 20th century American Literature, and started the California Cultural Studies Program in 1990.

In 2008 he was elected as Mayor of Cotati, and afterward became a member of the Cotati City Council, "where he strived to help maintain a safe city that held onto its small town character," said President Armiñana.

Coleman-Senghor is survived by his wife, Gabi, and his sons, Kenya, Akai, Michael and Drew. A memorial service is pending: details will be transmitted to the campus community via NewsCenter when available.

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