Poppe's "Troubled Water" Plays at Sonoma Film Institute

troubledwater.jpg"Troubled Water," a dramatic feature film from Norway, is playing tonight in Warren Auditorium at 7 p.m., presented by the Sonoma Film Institute.

Directed by Eric Poppe, this 2008 film is the story of a young man, Thomas, who returns to Oslo to arrange the scattered pieces of his life after serving a prison sentence for the murder of a young child. He finds employment as a church organist, settles into a small apartment and even manages an awkward but genuine courtship of Anna, the church pastor.

Honest about his lack of religious faith, Thomas is nonetheless affected by the music he plays, letting the hymns wash over him with an effect at once caustic and purifying. The tension mounts when a schoolteacher recognizes the organist as the convicted murderer of her child.

General admission is $6; $5 for non-SSU students and senior citizens; $4 for SFI members and children under 12; and free for SSU students.

"Troubled Water" is the twelfth of fourteen films slated for screenings during the spring semester. Upcoming films include:

"Le Quattro Volte" - May 6, May 8

"Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives" - May 13, May 15

The Sonoma Film Institute (SFI) is located on the Sonoma State University campus, and is the oldest film repertory organization in the North Bay Area. Since 1973, SFI has unspooled enough celluloid to reach the next galaxy.

Each year, between September and May, SFI presents more than 50 films. These screenings - ranging from silent cinema to the avant-garde, from contemporary American fare to films from the Third World - expand the educational opportunities to students, as well as providing cultural benefit to the campus and surrounding community.

For more information on the Sonoma Film Institute, visit the website at http://www.sonoma.edu/sfi/, or contact Eleanor Nichols, SFI Director, at (707) 664-2606 or nicholse@sonoma.edu.

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