Songwriting Workshop with IT's Chris Bramble

bramble2.jpgSongwriter and musician Chris Bramble, network analyst for IT, leads the Staff Development Songwriting Workshop on Thursday, April 28 from noon-1 p.m. in GMC 1029.

Bramble will discuss and illustrate various aspects of songwriting, drawing on a lifetime of singing and guitar playing, performing and songwriting. With two albums (and a third in the works), and decades of performing his own songs as well as backing up other songwriters, Bramble brings a wealth of firsthand experience on the subject.

Topics include lyrics vs. poetry, melody and rhythm, analyzing what 'works' in popular music (and why what doesn't can sound so good), structure and composition, and performance. Bramble will present original songs as examples of the different topics covered.

For more information, visit the Staff Development website or contact Janet Henker at or (707) 664-2412.

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