What Facilities Would You Like to See at SSU's Galbreath Wildlands Preserve?

galbreath_wildlands_preserve.jpgOn Wednesday, June 1, from 10 a.m. - noon in Darwin 101, the SSU Preserves & Field Stations will be hosting a forum to ask faculty, staff and students "What facilities would you like to see at SSU's Galbreath Wildlands Preserve?"

SSU Preserves in collaboration with SSU Facilities & Planning contracted with RIM Architects to develop a Master Plan for Galbreath Preserve Field Station. The Master Plan will envision and design a suite a buildings to enhance research and educational opportunities on the Preserve.

The buildings will support overnight stays, meeting areas, and laboratories for faculty and students studying social, economic and natural environments of California's North Coast. Notable among the envisioned facilities is a 1-meter telescope that will be designed in collaboration with the Physics & Astronomy Department.

"In a career of field station management, I have come to realize how much buildings can affect our ideas, creativity, and even our desire to communicate" says Preserve Director Claudia Luke. "The Galbreath Master Plan is an opportunity to create something new - buildings that themselves enhance learning and discovery and encourage people to explore."

"I am really hoping to hear from faculty, students, and staff about their ideas" says Preserve Director Claudia Luke. "What would work best for you? What would be really cool? We have an opportunity to create something really different. This is the time to get creative, share ideas, and dream."

The Galbreath Wildlands Preserve, just west of Cloverdale in Mendocino County, was donated to SSU by the Johnson families in 2004 in memory of Fred Burckhalter Galbreath, a well-known San Francisco business man, rancher, and nature enthusiast. The 3,670-acre Preserve provides access to rugged forests and woodlands, Rancheria Creek watershed. Funds for the development of the Master Plan were made available by Bob Johnson.

"The Galbreath Preserve remains our "diamond in the rough," says Preserve Director Claudia Luke. "With the right facilities, this spectacular property can be a center piece for supporting academic excellence in all schools across campus. But we need your input and ideas!"

For those that cannot make the June 1 meeting but would like to share ideas for the Preserves, contact Claudia Luke at claudia.luke@sonoma.edu.

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