New Faculty Research Training Resources

citi.jpgAll Faculty: Be advised that SSU has purchased a one-year subscription to the online training modules offered by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative Web-based Training Program (CITI).

This training resource allows all faculty and SSU student researchers access to online training and certification in the following areas:

· Compliance with Institutional Review Board (IRB) Requirements Regarding the Protection of Human Subjects
· Compliance with Institutional Animal Care and Use Requirements
· Compliance with Responsible Conduct of Research Requirements mandated by Federal NSF Guidelines

Take note that for those actively participating in either the SSU IRB or SSU IACUC Committees, it is imperative to engage in periodic updated training in these respective areas. In addition, faculty who are participating (or will be participating in the future) in an NSF-funded project must complete RCR training and submit the certificate of completion to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP).

Below is an overview link to the registration process. Affiliate with Sonoma State University (now in the CITI drop down list) in order to have access to these trainings.

CITI homepage link:

Questions regarding the above-referenced resources may be directed to Carol Hall, administrative coordinator for ORSP, at (707) 664-2448 or email

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