Raskin Takes an Inside Look at Nor-Cal Marijuana Industry in Latest Book, "Marijuanaland"

jonah.jpgJonah Raskin (right), professor of communication studies, is preparing to launch his most recent book, Marijuanaland, Dispatches from an American War in San Francisco this week. His latest work has many reviewers drawing parallels between the longtime SSU professor and legendary author Hunter S. Thompson, who was credited with the creation of gonzo journalism.

"Follow [Raskin's] gonzo adventure as he speaks to the growers, dealers, dispensary owners, lawyers, smokers and cops that comprise the quasi-legal marijuana industry in Northern California," states an article from High Times, the marijuana-centric monthly magazine for which Raskin has been a longtime contributor.

Raskin will appear at Canessa Gallery in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood on Thurs., July 28 at 7 p.m. Says the author of the upcoming event, "I'm looking forward to it. I like to do bookstore events - I learn as much from [fans] as they do from me."

Meanwhile, Raskin continues to promote his 2008 novel, The Radical Jack London, Writings on War and Revolution. A Jack London-themed panel discussion takes place August 20 in Glen Ellen, featuring Raskin, Jim Shere and Clarice Stasz.

Shere, a Glen Ellen-based psychotherapist, holds a unique family therapy-framed view of Jack London, says Raskin. Stasz is a professor emeritus of history at Sonoma State University, and is close to many Jack London projects, including revisions and updates to the Jack London website, and assisting French publisher Arthaud-Flammarion in locating photographs relating to London for a book on writers.

"I still do things, talking about Jack London," says Raskin. "He'll always be with me and I'll always be with him." He adds that the August 20 panel discussion has added appeal, because of the recent closure of the Jack London Historical Park.

"We're going to talk about Jack London, to hopefully make people aware of how unique that park is," says Raskin. "People from all over the world go there."

Jonah Raskin can be reached by email at jonah.raskin@sonoma.edu.


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