Recapping Staff Appreciation Day 2011

stad11.JPGAs they wrap-up another Staff Appreciation Day, Employee Services would like to extend a big thank you to everyone that contributed to the success of the day. The Staff Appreciation Day website has been updated with a complete list of volunteers, as well as the organizations that donated prizes for the raffle. This year, Employee Services has placed the event photos on Shutterfly. All are encouraged to check out the photos and, if you find one of yourself, feel free to download or order the print.

Photo Contest Winners!
Employee Services would like to thank everyone who entered photos and/or voted in the Baby Photo Contest. And the winners are...

mostappealing.pngMost Appealing
Submitted by Holly Sautner, School of Social Sciences

mostcharismatic.pngMost Charismatic
Submitted by Dana Stekkinger, Employee Services

mademesmile.pngMade Me Smile
Submitted by Jill Martin, History Department

mostcreative.pngMost Creative
Submitted by Julie Misasi, School of Arts and Humanities

Photos of the 2011/2012 Excellence Award Nominees and all of the Baby Photo Contest submissions are on display in the Employee Services/CMS department located on the second floor of Salazar. Stop by anytime throughout the month of August to have a second look or to see them for the first time.

Thank you once again for your participation!

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