"A Decade Later: 9/11 Reflection" Roundtable Discussion

septembereleventh.jpgA group of panelists will consider the various ways the U.S. and the world have changed in the last decade as part of a special roundtable discussion, "A Decade Later: 9/11 Reflection." The event takes place Monday, Sept. 12 at 4 p.m. in Schulz 3001.

A diverse panel of speakers will discuss various topics, including:

* Political science professor Barry Preisler addresses changes in foreign policy towards the Middle East.
* Imam Ali Siddiqhi considers the rise of anti-Islamism and discrimination against Muslim-Americans.
* Student Erik Uriarte discusses what 9/11 looked like through the eyes of an American soldier.
*Political science professor Cynthia Boaz talks about the "other 9/11" - the day that Gandhi committed himself to the principle of nonviolent resistance and introduced the world to the concept of satyagraha back in 1906.

Questions may be directed to Cynthia Boaz at boazc@sonoma.edu or (707) 664-2589. Photo courtesy of drewgeraets on Flickr.

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