Applause Awards: Paul Cotter, Linda Eichhorn, Doug Schiller, Jean Sugiyama and Mira Aceves

thumbsup2.jpg"The California State University was co-sponsor for a Moodle Moot Conference that took place recently in Rohnert Park. More than 325 people attended the conference, and on July 12, nearly 200 of them arrived at the SSU Schulz Information Center for preconference workshops. I coordinated the day, and could not have done it without the excellent support of a number of SSU staff members, all of whom deserve a big round of applause. Thanks go to Paul Cotter and Linda Eichhorn of Library Administration, Doug Schiller of Workstation Security and Services, and Jean Sugiyama and Mira Aceves of Network Security and Communication Services."

-- Nominated by Abbe Altman, Center for Distributed Learning

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