Mail Clerks Recognized for Professional Excellence

postal.jpgClaudia Bettinelli, Lori Dolcini, Lisa Johnson and Dee Pettis, mail clerks at SSU's Zinfandel Post Office, were honored on Friday, Sept. 30 for their service and professionalism. A plaque was presented to Bettinelli and Dolcini (photo at right) by Rosario Botelho and Cecilia Jacobo from the Rohnert Park Post Office. Johnson and Pettis could not make it to the informal noon-time exchange, but are also recognized for their efforts.

"Thank you for taking care of business," said Jacobo, as she handed the plaque to Bettinelli and Dolcini, who have been trained by federal postal workers to manage the University's "contract postal unit" or CPU. However, they are employees of SSU and not federal postal workers themselves.

Bettinelli and Dolcini have worked side by side for 18 years, with more than ten of those years served at SSU. "We've raised our families together," says Bettinelli.

The Zinfandel Post Office is the official Post Office of Sonoma State University, providing everyday mail services to more than 3000 on-campus students. The office is located next to the Marketplace in the Zinfandel quad. For more information about the Zinfandel Post Office, visit

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